Port of Virginia

Microsoft has recognized Amsted Rail for its successful use HoloLens 2 mixed-reality technology to support a customer during the pandemic.
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Supply Side: Amsted Rail, PowerRail, ZEBOX

Amsted Rail has earned Microsoft’s Use-Case of the Year recognition for manufacturing. Also, PowerRail is moving its aftermarket locomotive parts business to Exeter, Pa.; and seven U.S. transportation and logistics companies, including BNSF and the Port of Virginia, have partnered with ZEBOX to help support startups.

How St. Louis Relies on a Port of Virginia Rail Connection

The St. Louis region relies heavily on its Norfolk Southern- and CSX-served rail connection with the Port of Virginia, hundreds of miles away on the East Coast, to maintain its position “as one of the premier multimodal freight hubs and distribution centers in the United States.” The relationship was discussed in detail during the FreightWeekSTL 2021 conference, hosted by Bi-State Development, which operates the St. Louis Regional Freightway.