Piper Networks

Piper Networks Receives Train Control Safety Certification

Piper Networks’ Ultra Wideband (UWB) train control system has received safety certification from independent assessor TÜV SÜD, paving the way for its integration with signaling and train control programs at transportation agencies worldwide.

Positioning, The Next Generation

Among the final duties that former MTA New York City Transit Vice President Network and Resignaling Pete Tomlin discharged before he left the agency following Andy Byford’s resignation as President was demonstrating an innovative piece of new technology—UWB (Ultra-Wide Band), wireless technology that offers faster and less-expensive installation of modern CBTC (communications-based train control) by eliminating much of the onboard and wayside equipment traditionally required for advanced-technology signaling. Tomlin—arguably one of the finest signaling and train control people on the planet—collaborated with suppliers Thales and Piper Networks in an impressive public demonstration of UWB.