Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman’s MultiRail rail service-design planning software has been upgraded. The new edition, MultiRail Web, can be hosted on premises or in the cloud.

Supply Side: Oliver Wyman, Genesis

Oliver Wyman releases MultiRail Web, a rail service-design planning platform that can be hosted on premises or in the cloud. Also, Salt Lake City, Utah-based Genesis Electronics Group acquires Glīd, LLC, whose “patent-pending technology” is slated to offer a new way of shipping existing semi-trailers via rail.


Cyber Resiliency: A Clear and Urgent Necessity for Modern Railroads

The World Economic Forum’s most recent Regional Risks of Doing Business report lists cyberattacks as the top concern of corporate executives in 19 countries, including advanced economies in North America, Europe, and Asia. These concerns, according to the report, “highlight the growing reliance of global commerce on digital networks that are the target of increasingly sophisticated and prolific attacks.”