For NYAB, a Major Manufacturing Shift

New York Air Brake LLC (NYAB) on Sept. 29 announced what it is calling a “realignment strategy” for its North American manufacturing operations that involves launching production in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico; “shifting capacity and production scope” at three U.S. facilities—Salisbury, N.C.; and Nixa and Kansas City, Mo.—“completing a substantial manufacturing refocus” at its Watertown, N.Y., facility to a machining operation. The company broke the news to employees on Sept. 29.

Cold Comfort

RAILWAY AGE, AUGUST 2020 ISSUE, ANNUAL WINTER PREPAREDNESS REPORT: Winter preparedness is essential for avoiding frozen equipment, malfunctioning cars, service delays or even suspended operations.
Fail to prepare for winter’s harsh conditions and your railroad will be running on ice—literally and figuratively. One railroad that prepares for winter’s onslaught is BNSF, which has some of the most rugged territory in North America.

NYAB: New Technology at Railway Interchange

RAILWAY AGE at RAILWAY INTERCHANGE 2019: New York Air Brake (NYAB) is showcasing several new or enhanced locomotive and railcar technologies at Railway Interchange in Minneapolis. Among these are the LD-1000® Air Dryer, Oil-Free Air Compressors, CCB II, DB-60 II™ with BCM™, Locomotive Parking Brake, and Angle Cock Repair Cartridges.