Northeast Corridor Commission

$117B ‘CONNECT NEC 2035’ Plan Unveiled

The Northeast Corridor Commission on July 14 released CONNECT NEC 2035 (C35), a, $117 billion, 15-year plan “representing the most ambitious reinvestment program in the NEC’s history, and a new way of planning” for it.

NEC Infrastructure: Unification by Separation

Watching Washington, August 2018: Human life is measured in scores of years, stars in billions of miles, the national debt in trillions of dollars—all remarkably miniscule numbers compared to the petabytes of data (numbers containing 15 zeroes) generated by artificial intelligence in our increasingly knowledge-based society.

NEC Commission: Show us the money

The Northeast Corridor Commission’s Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report on Operations and Infrastructure spotlights a capacity-strained passenger rail corridor in need of major investment for state-of-good repair as well as expansion and improvements.