Herzog’s ACT was used to assist with reconstruction of tracks impacted by Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida. (Photograph Courtesy of Herzog)

Digitizing Drainage

RAILWAY AGE NOVEMBER 2022 ISSUE: High-production machines and attachments, as well as computerized inspection vehicles, are built by (and sometimes operated under) multiple suppliers to help dump, spread, tamp, profile and clean ballast, helping to keep track in its place.

For Miner, an EOCC Milestone

Miner Enterprises, Inc. reports that it has received orders for more than 1,000 carsets of its Miner Friction Cushioning System (Miner FCS) end-of-car-cushioning (EOCC) devices, adding to the 2,700 carsets already in service. The new orders, expected to be shipped during the next few months, are from Class I railroads and car lessors for boxcars and coil-steel gondolas.

Rocky Road

RAILWAY AGE, NOVEMBER 2021 ISSUE: The three most important words to a railroad chief engineer are (pardon the alliteration; I’m sure you’ve heard this before) drainage, drainage and drainage.

For Miner, Friction Cushioning System Order, TTX Award

Miner Enterprises, Inc., has received an order for 600 car sets of its friction cushioning system, plus TTX Company’s SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) Award.

Miner Expands Gate Product Offerings

Miner Enterprises, Inc., has acquired the Toggle-Lock™ gravity gate product line for covered hoppers from Davanac, Inc., a division of The Railway Supply Group.

Miner Earns Trinity Supplier Award

Miner Enterprises has been recognized as a Trinity Premium Supplier, the only “Direct Supplier” selected.

Ballast Maintenance, Delivered

RAILWAY AGE, NOVEMBER 2020 ISSUE: While most aspects of railroading have not been immune from the effects of COVID-19—namely, a drop in business—many railroads have been “working smart” and thinking ahead, taking advantage of lower traffic levels to get a jump on maintenance-of-way projects, before work windows re-tighten when operations return to pre-pandemic levels. State-of-good-repair and other projects are continuing, and railroads are using a variety of high-production, high-tech-driven track machines to perform the work. Ballast programs are among the most important of these.

Miner to supply components for 3,800 CP, CN hoppers

Miner Enterprises recently announced that it plans to supply outlet gates and hatch covers for 3,800 new high-capacity grain hopper cars ordered by Canadian Pacific (CP) and Canadian National (CN) railways.

Miner and TTX: 27 years of Excellence

Miner Enterprises, Inc., has earned the Supplier Evaluation Committee Award (SECO) from TTX Company for the 27th year in a row, achieving Supplier Excellence status each year since the program’s inception.

Dump those plastic pellets, fast!

A new video from Miner Enterprises demonstrating the “simple, reliable and proven features” of its Double Groove pneumatic gate for unloading plastics uses computer-generated imagery to provide an inside-out look at the Double Groove’s advanced features.