Miner to supply components for 3,800 CP, CN hoppers

Miner Enterprises recently announced that it plans to supply outlet gates and hatch covers for 3,800 new high-capacity grain hopper cars ordered by Canadian Pacific (CP) and Canadian National (CN) railways.

Miner and TTX: 27 years of Excellence

Miner Enterprises, Inc., has earned the Supplier Evaluation Committee Award (SECO) from TTX Company for the 27th year in a row, achieving Supplier Excellence status each year since the program’s inception.

Dump those plastic pellets, fast!

A new video from Miner Enterprises demonstrating the “simple, reliable and proven features” of its Double Groove pneumatic gate for unloading plastics uses computer-generated imagery to provide an inside-out look at the Double Groove’s advanced features.

Everything you always wanted to know about draft gears

Miner Enterprises has released a video demonstrating the role that draft gears play in railcar operation. The new video, “How Does a Draft Gear Absorb Railcar Energy?” provides a look at draft gear design, and uses computer animation to demonstrate how draft gears protect a railcar and its content during train movement.

railcar safety grating

Miner acquires DFW Grating

Miner Enterprises has acquired Texas-based DFW Grating, a manufacturer of metal grating products.

Miner hopper outlet gate a popular pick

Miner Enterprises said that industry adoption of the company’s Double Groove pneumatic outlet gate for plastics continues to accelerate, and has been specified on more than 2,400 new railcars in recent months.

Swezey named Powerbrace President

Powerbrace Corp., a subsidiary of Miner Enterprises, has promoted General Manager John Swezey to President, effective immediately.

For Miner, twice is nice from TrinityRail

For the second consecutive year, TrinityRail has awarded Miner Enterprises, Inc. a Premier Supplier Award. Trinity selected Miner as one of 13 standard component suppliers deserving special recognition based on product quality, pricing, and reliable on-time delivery.

New from Miner: Updated Field Guide and Wall Chart

Miner Enterprises, Inc. has released its latest inspection and installation Field Guide and Wall Chart.

For Miner, a major gate order

Rail equipment lessor CAI Rail Inc. has selected Miner Enterprises, Inc. to supply Double Groove III pneumatic gates for 440 plastic pellet covered hopper cars to be built by National Steel Car at its Hamilton, Ontario plant. Each railcar will be fitted with four gates, bringing the total order to 1,760 units.