Koppers treated crossties. (Koppers Photograph)
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Active Sleepers

RAILWAY AGE, APRIL 2023 ISSUE: Foundational to the freight and passenger rail network, crossties handle pressure from all sides—from train weight to Mother Nature.

Koppers Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs Leigh Ann Richardson (left) and Transdev Deputy General Counsel for Litigation Neal Krokosky (right).
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People News: Koppers, Transdev

Koppers Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs Leigh Ann Richardson earns 2023 Women MAKE Award from The Manufacturing Institute. Also, Neal Krokosky joins Transdev as new Deputy General Counsel for Litigation.

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Crosstie Market Outlook

RAILWAY AGE, APRIL 2022 ISSUE: Suppliers cover today’s often challenging crosstie market—from
the latest products, treatments and tools to sustainability
and end-of-life planning.

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A Smooth One

RAILWAY AGE, DECEMBER 2021 ISSUE: High-tech solutions are helping railroads improve the rail/road interface.

All tied up

All indicators are pointing to a vibrant crosstie market across all segments: wood, concrete, steel, and composite. The freight railroads’ estimated $29 billion in 2015 capital expenditures is one driving factor, but healthy expansion plans among transit agencies are also fueling the good news.