(Rendering Courtesy of the CHSRA)

Arup Awarded CHSRA Contract

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) has selected Arup as sustainability program manager for its planned 500-mile Phase 1 system from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim.

FTA’s National Transit Database tracks information about the financial, operating and capital asset condition of U.S. transit systems. The agency not only uses it to apportion grant program funding, but also to produce National Transit Summaries and Trends reports, for example. Pictured is a chart from the 2019 report that shows fares as a proportion of operating expense, by mode.

FTA Modernizing National Transit Database

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has selected consultant and digital services provider ICF to automate and update the National Transit Database (NTD), improving data visibility, analysis and tracking.