Georgia and Florida Railway

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GFRR deploys Railinc’s Interline Settlement System

The Georgia & Florida Railway, LLC (GFRR), an affiliate of OmniTRAX, Inc., “continues to make shipping by rail easy” with the implementation of Railinc’s Interline Settlement System (ISS) in partnership with Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation and GE Transportation’s Digital Solutions business. ISS is the standard process in the rail industry to share revenue when two or more railroads handle a shipment. Additional OmniTRAX rail lines will convert to ISS in collaboration with the company’s Class I rail partners during the coming months.

Congresswoman Graham and staff tour Georgia & Florida Railway

On Sept. 15, 2015, Congresswoman Gwen Graham’s (D-FL-02), District Director Mary Lee Kiracofe and Economic Development Liaison Kent Watson toured the Georgia & Florida Railway (GFRR) in Perry, Fla. The GFRR is a network of approximately 264 miles of track commencing from its Albany, Ga. headquarters, and extending into northwestern Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the entire line, connections are made along the way with other railroads in Florida and Georgia, including Class I’s Norfolk Southern and CSX. The GFRR is owned and managed by OmniTRAX Inc.