Genesee & Wyoming

G&W’s Jack Hellmann (left), Michael Miller (center) and Mike Peters.

For G&W, Changes at the Top

Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) on April 25 reported that Jack Hellmann will transition to Executive Chairman of the short line holding company’s North American and UK/Europe Boards of Directors, following 16 years

John C. Hellmann, CEO, Genesee & Wyoming
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Hellmann Headlining Inaugural ‘Young Professionals’ Conference

Topping the list of reasons to attend Railway Age’s inaugural Young Professionals conference, to be held virtually May 11, is keynote speaker John C. Hellmann, CEO of Genesee & Wyoming, a short line and regional railroad holding company that owns or leases 115 freight railroads world-wide.

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G&W Workforce Votes to Join BMWED Union

Approximately 70 maintenance of way employees from Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) Railroad Engineering Services voted April 13 to join the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division (BMWED). The new members are the first of G&W’s mobile gangs to join the Brotherhood.

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25 UNDER 40

RAILWAY AGE, FEBRUARY 2023 ISSUE: Railway Age is proud to recognize 25 ‘Fast Trackers’ Under 40 in 2023.

“Today’s investment for Huron Central Railway in Northern Ontario will improve railway infrastructure by increasing the fluidity and reliability of rail service, reducing travel time of railcar traffic and relieving supply chain congestion,” Canada Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra reported on Twitter. (Photograph Courtesy of Alghabra via Twitter)

For HCRY, C$21MM in Infrastructure Improvement Funding

Genesee & Wyoming Canada’s Huron Central Railway Inc. (HCRY) will receive a total of C$21 million for infrastructure rehabilitation from the governments of Canada and Ontario, which announced their investment on Jan. 10. The 173-mile short line in Northern Ontario will contribute C$10.5 million to the work.

GWI Proposes to Merge CHAT With, Into BAYL

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (GWI) on Dec. 21 filed a verified notice of exemption with the Surface Transportation Board (STB) to convert Chattahoochee Bay Railroad LLC, a Delaware Corporation, into Chattahoochee Bay Rail Railroad LLC (CHAT LLC), a Delaware liability company, which will result into CHAT merging with and into the Bay Line Railroad, L.L.C. (BAYL).