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Julie Green, Vice President, Hatch LTK
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Julie Green to Receive COMTO Award

The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) will recognize Hatch LTK Vice President Julie Green and 12 other women for their “outstanding contributions to America’s transportation industry” during its virtual conference, to be held Sept. 28-30.

The FAA will now require Remote ID, providing in-flight drone identification and drone control station location information, which can be used by national security, law enforcement, and public safety agencies.
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FAA Releases Rules for Drone Operations

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued two final rules for unmanned aircraft (drone) operations. They cover the requirement for Remote Identification (Remote ID) of drones as well as drone operations over people and at night.

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BNSF evaluating drones in New Mexico

BNSF has tested a UAS (unmanned aerial system, better-known as a drone) supplied by Boeing Co. subsidiary Insitu Inc. in east-central New Mexico, on approximately 132 miles of main line track.