PTC for the masses

A large percentage of the general public, specifically, the passenger-train-riding public, does not understand Positive Train Control—if they’ve even heard of it. For that matter, neither do many of the legislators that imposed the year-end PTC implementation deadline, but that’s another story. And neither do most of the reporters that attempt to cover rail transportation, but that’s yet another story.

Caltrain board adopts updated MOU with High Speed Rail Authority

California’s Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board has adopted an updated Memorandum of Understanding with the California High Speed Rail Authority that “lays the foundation for modernizing the Caltrain system through an early investment in the Peninsula Corridor and the eventual creation of a blended system that would allow high speed rail to operate between San Jose and San Francisco.”

California Transportation Commission releases CBOSS PTC funding

The California Transportation Commission has voted to release $39.8 million in allocations toward work to advance the Caltrain Modernization Program and prepare the rail corridor, which connects San Francisco with San Jose and Gilroy, for a future “blended” system with California High Speed Rail.