Cathcart Rail

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25 Under 40: Part 2 of 4

RAILWAY AGE, FEBRUARY 2024 ISSUE: Railway Age is proud to recognize 25 ‘Fast Trackers’ Under 40 in 2024.

“The Andersons’ railcar repair network aligns perfectly with Cathcart Rail’s strategic goal of offering a broad array of rail services across a national footprint,” said Casey Cathcart, Chairman and CEO of Cathcart Rail, whose Belpre Industrial Parkersburg Railroad received a Short Line of the Year Honorable Mention from Railway Age in 2021.
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Supply Side: Cathcart Rail/The Andersons, Pandrol, Ricardo

Columbus, Ohio-based Carthcart Rail on July 8 completed its acquisition of The Andersons’ railcar repair business. Also, global rail fastening supplier Pandrol has provided an Ultrasonic Rail Testing Kit to SBS Transit Ltd. in Singapore; and Ricardo and Danish firm PantoInspect will bring PanMon pantograph monitoring technology to railroads across North America and Latin America.

INRD is Railway Age’s 2012 and 2018 Regional Railroad of the Year. (INRD photo from 2018 Award Feature)

People News: AITX, INRD

American Industrial Transport, Inc. (AITX) has promoted John Ward to Senior Vice President of Repair Services, and brought on a new Vice President of Repair Services and a Plant Manager in Milton, Pa. Also, Indiana Rail Road Company (INRD) has elevated Matt Haire to Assistant Vice President, Information Technology.

TugVolt: Autonomous Plus Standard Interchange

Intramotev, a St. Louis, Mo.-based technology startup, has developed an autonomous freight car that can be used in standard railroad interchange service. The vehicle, called the TugVolt, is “currently focused on short-haul routes of 600 miles or less, and designed with standard couplers and air braking that allow it to be hauled in or haul a traditional consist in addition to independent operation,” according to company Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Timothy Luchini.