Creel to Trudeau: “The Time For Rhetoric Has Passed”

Canada’s railroads, and by extension the Canadian economy, are suffering from the blockades that First Nations peoples have been imposing since early February in protest of planned natural gas pipelines. The effect on the Canadian economy runs in the hundreds of millions of dollars per day, according to calculations by railroad economist and Railway Age Contributing Editor Jim Blaze (see below). Canadian Pacific President and CEO Keith Creel has called upon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to honor First Nations leadership’s request to engage in a dialogue.

Alberta Dumps CBR Leases; CN Dealing With Blockades

Within the space of a week, CBR (crude by rail), as well a pipeline-transported oil, has mushroomed into one of Canada’s most pressing problems.

UPDATED: Transport Canada Slow-Orders Crude Oil Trains; CN Embargoes Traffic

Following a second unexplained derailment and rupture-caused explosive fire of a crude oil train in rural Guernsey, Sask., Transport Canada ordered Feb. 6 a 25-mph limit on the speed of oil trains, dropping in metropolitan areas to 20 mph. The Federal Railroad Administration is monitoring Canada’s investigation to determine whether additional regulatory measures should apply once those oil trains cross the border on their way to U.S. refineries. As well, CN has embargoes, for 30 days, permits for certain TIH (toxic inhalation hazard) trains, citing the slow order’s impact on its network.

CP: “Disciplined Approach to Sustainable, Profitable Growth”

Canadian Pacific (CP) announced its 4Q19 results—including record revenues of C$2.07 billion, an operating ratio of 57%, improved diluted earnings per share of C$4.82 and a record adjusted diluted EPS of C$4.77—as well as its full-year 2019 figures, which were highlighted by a 7% revenue increase to a record C$7.79 billion.

Canadian Grain Groups Want Rail Option Assurances

Canadian grain groups are taking a fresh look at pressing government officials to enact legislation that would address how the country can continue shipping grain and grain products in the event of a strike or other work stoppage, FreightWaves reports.

CP Sets (Another) Grain Record

Canadian Pacific (CP) moved more Canadian grain and grain products in 2019’s final quarter than any prior quarter in the company’s history.

CP Holiday Train Raises C$1.49MM, Collects 238,393 Lbs. of Food

The 21st annual Canadian Pacific (CP) Holiday Train recently wrapped up its North American tour, and, while final numbers are still being calculated, it raised more than C$1.49 million and collected 238,393 pounds of food.

CP Releases Sustainability Report

CP recently released Sustainably Driven, its 2018 corporate sustainability report and new framework for sustainability reporting, highlighting the company’s successes and achievements in the areas of safety, operational excellence and social impact.

CP, KCS, USD, Gibson Energy, ConocoPhillips Canada Forge Diluent Recovery Deal

US Development Group, LLC (through wholly-owned affiliate USD) and Gibson Energy Inc. (Gibson) jointly announced this week an agreement to construct and operate a diluent recovery unit (DRU) near Hardisty, Alberta, Canada. ConocoPhillips Canada has contracted to process 50,000 barrels per day of inlet bitumen blend through the DRU to be shipped by Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern to the U.S.

A Teck Shift in Canada

CN and Teck Resources Limited, a diversified resource company with major business units in copper, steelmaking coal, zinc and energy, on Dec. 4 announced a long-term agreement for shipping steelmaking (metallurgical) coal* from Teck’s four British Columbia operations between Kamloops and Neptune Terminals, and other West Coast ports. The agreement, which runs from April 1, 2021 until December 31, 2026, will replace Teck’s current 10-year agreement with Canadian Pacific, which expires March 31, 2021. CP, which interchanges with CN at Kamloops, will continue to serve Teck at originating mine sites.