California high speed rail

Transit Briefs: LA Metro, Calif. High-Speed Rail, Link21, Brightline

Lunar New Year TAP cards are now available at LA Metro Customer Centers and select rail stations. Also, new efforts to bring high-speed rail to downtown San Francisco include a price tag of $6.7 billion; Link21 announced appointment of 18 members to its newly formed Equity Advisory Council; and Brightline continues train testing at higher speeds in Palm Beach County in preparation for opening to Orlando.


Caltrain Electrification delay: Everyone loses

As we’ve been reporting and editorializing on for the past couple of weeks, Caltrain’s electrification project has been jeopardized by a delay of federal funding that is based on the state’s Republican delegation’s efforts to shut down the only-loosely connected high-speed rail program.


Seriously, Mr. Denham?

You want to kill yet another chance to bring U.S. passenger rail into the 21st Century? Play a disingenuous game of smoke and mirrors by attempting to associate the object of your loathing to something else that has only little to do with it, and try to kill it as well.

Report: Global HSR trends could apply to California

According to a new Mineta Transportation Institute report, Modal Shift and High-Speed Rail: A Review of the Current Literature,“evidence from the high speed rail systems of Europe and Asia demonstrates that the mode is very attractive to travelers who otherwise may have chosen airlines or other modes. The results could apply to the new California HSR system.”

California appropriates $250 million for HSR

California’s beleaguered high speed rail program, which since its inception has faced numerous political and financial challenges, has just received a boost of sorts from the California General Assembly, which reached a budget deal with Gov. Jerry Brown that will include a $250 million appropriation for HSR in the state’s next fiscal year, which begins July 1.