Association of American Railroads President and CEO Edward R. Hamberger

Takeways from AAR’s Hamberger at Rail Insights

Association of American Railroads President and CEO Ed Hamberger and Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono discussed a wide range of issues affecting the railroad industry at the third annual Rail Insights conference, held June 7-8 in Chicago. Contributing Editor Jim Blaze offers the following takeaways and observations:

Looking for a good career? Look to the railroads

By year-end 2014, U.S. Class I railroads will have hired 45,000 employees since 2012, including an estimated 9,900 military veterans. Some 17,000 will have been hired this year, far exceeding the projected industry target of 12,000, according to the Association of American Railroads.

Data drought haunts FRA crew-size mandate

By the Federal Railroad Administration’s own congressional testimony, the years 2012 and 2013 were among the railroads’ safest on record, while the relatively few train crashes were mostly the result of human error and track defects.

CSX 2013 Chemical Safety Excellence Awards

CSX on April 2, 2014 announced the winners of its 20th annual Chemical Safety Excellence Award, “representing dozens of customers recognized by CSX for their commitment to safe transportation of hazardous materials by rail.”

“A solution looking for a problem”

Association of American Railroads President and CEO Ed Hamberger, participating in testimony before the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, has called the National Industrial Transportation League’s proposal to the STB to force reciprocal switching on the railroads “flawed” and “a solution looking for a problem.”