Gulf Coast Battle: A Possible Solution

As the evidentiary hearing regarding the reintroduction and expansion of Amtrak passenger train service between New Orleans and Mobile continues before the Surface Transportation Board, interesting operational cost-sharing questions have emerged regarding how Amtrak trains may be able to coexist with very long CSX freights.

Round 3: Raising Legal Issues in a Case of First Impression

At this writing, the first witness in the slugfest between Amtrak on one side and CSX, NS and the Port of Mobile on the other, is focusing on confidential matters. That creates an opportunity to think further about the importance of the case and how to report it to you. We had previously thought that a single report about this week’s hearing before the Surface Transportation Board (STB) would be sufficient, but the opening statements made by the parties April 4 forced a change in plans.

Continuance Requested—and Granted—for Amtrak, CSX STB Hearing (UPDATED)

CSX Transportation, with Amtrak concurring, has asked the Surface Transportation Board for a continuance (postponement) of the evidentiary hearing on Gulf Coast service originally scheduled to begin March 9, 2022, to April 5, 2022, with a second day, April 6, and a third day, April 7, held in reserve. STB on March 1 granted the request.


STB Slug-Out: Amtrak vs. CSX, Round 1

In the twelfth in a series of reports and commentaries concerning the ongoing “Second Battle of Mobile Bay,” Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono called for “reason” to prevail and urged the parties to


Second Battle of Mobile Bay Under Way

Today (Feb. 15) marks the first of two days of a Surface Transportation Board hearing on what Railway Age Contributing Editor and practicing intellectual property attorney David Peter Alan calls “The Second Battle of

Gulf Coast Battle: CSX Seeks Shipper Support; Amtrak Advocates Respond (UPDATED)

As the battle between Amtrak and potential host freight railroads CSX and NS over proposed passenger trains between New Orleans and Mobile heats up, CSX has turned up the heat another notch.


Is Amtrak Really Coming Home to Alabama?

Is this New Orleans-to-Mobile Amtrak commuter-like train proposal “a rather complex story,” like the meaning behind the lyrics of the 1974 Lynyrd Skynyrd hit, Sweet Home Alabama?

Amtrak Gulf Coast Service: Analyzing the Blame Game

Amtrak is attempting to start service between Mobile and New Orleans, along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. CSX and Norfolk Southern (NS) oppose Amtrak’s plan, and the issue is now before the Surface Transportation Board (STB). The issues are purportedly operational, having to do with rail capacity at the Port of Mobile, although there are also procedural issues to the controversy. There is a political dimension, too, with essentially the entire political establishment in Mississippi supporting Amtrak’s position and all of Alabama’s opposing it.