Amtrak Gulf Coast Service


STB Orders New Status Report on Amtrak Gulf Coast Service

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) on Feb. 26 decided the Amtrak Gulf Coast Service proceeding will remain in abeyance and directed the parties to file a joint status report by March 15 covering issues raised during this month’s hearing on the slow pace of getting two Amtrak trains in each direction running between New Orleans and Mobile.

Time Out: Preparing for Round 9

The battle over Amtrak’s proposal to run two daily round trips between Mobile and New Orleans is far from over. It is about to heat up again after a two-month lull, but the STB announced on July 11 that the relative calm (at least as far as the public will notice) will last a little longer.


STB Calls ‘Time Out’ in Mobile Slugfest. What’s Next?

Many have been waiting for the ongoing battle at the Surface Transportation Board (STB) between Amtrak on one side and CSX, Norfolk Southern and the Port of Mobile on the other (Docket No. FD-36496) to resume on Monday, June 13. The issue was how much infrastructure would have to be built before Amtrak can run two daily round trips between New Orleans and Mobile.