Amtrak Airo

Image Courtesy of Amtrak

Production of Amtrak Airo™ Trains ‘Boosting Business Nationwide’

The production of new Amtrak Airo™ trains is “boosting business nationwide as manufacturing ramps up,” benefiting communities across the country through the creation of new, sustainable, engineering and manufacturing jobs with more than 3,500 parts manufactured by nearly 100 suppliers in 31 states, the passenger railroad company announced Oct. 12.

Image Courtesy of Amtrak

Amtrak Orders 10 Additional Airo™ Trainsets

Amtrak announced Aug. 21 that it has executed a contract to order 10 additional Airo™ trainsets “as demand for passenger rail travel exceeds expectations,” bringing the total contract order to 83.

Amtrak Airo™ trainset with Coach/Cab Car. (Photograph Courtesy of Amtrak)

OIG Releases Audit Report on Amtrak Intercity Trainset Program

Amtrak experienced early challenges with stakeholder communications in its intercity trainset acquisition and maintenance facility modification work, leading to scope changes, cost increases and schedule delays, according to a new report from the Amtrak Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Amtrak Airo™ will debut in 2026 on the railroad's Cascade service.

First Look: Amtrak Airo™ (Updated Dec. 19)

Amtrak has released visuals of its upcoming new long-distance and corridor service single-level, semi-permanently-coupled push/pull trainsets—the Siemens Mobility-built Amtrak Airo™—which will replace aging Amtrak-owned Amfleet I equipment.