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Force Control

RAILWAY AGE, FEBRUARY 2024 ISSUE: Nearly 140 years after the first patent was issued, draft gears and cushioning devices remain as fundamental to railroading as steel wheels rolling on steel rails. Few

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Registration Open for 2023 IWC

MxV Rail (formerly TTCI) and Amsted Rail will host the 20th International Wheelset Congress (IWC), to be held May 8-11 in Chicago. Registration is now open. UNIFE and its ERWA (European Railway

Microsoft has recognized Amsted Rail for its successful use HoloLens 2 mixed-reality technology to support a customer during the pandemic.
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Supply Side: Amsted Rail, PowerRail, ZEBOX

Amsted Rail has earned Microsoft’s Use-Case of the Year recognition for manufacturing. Also, PowerRail is moving its aftermarket locomotive parts business to Exeter, Pa.; and seven U.S. transportation and logistics companies, including BNSF and the Port of Virginia, have partnered with ZEBOX to help support startups.