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Ron Sucik at REF 2020: “The Fog of Intermodal”

RAILWAY AGE AT RAIL EQUIPMENT FINANCE 2020, LA QUINTA, CALIF: Did anyone “get it right” on 2019 intermodal traffic? What can be said about 2020? The industry needs to understand how the events of 2019 affected traffic volumes, and then consider the uncertainties of 2020—for example, the impact of the Coronavirus on world trade—to try and forecast what will happen this year. RSE Consulting President Ron Sucik, who retired from TTX following a long and distinguished career, offered his observations at REF 2020.

Ron Sucik at REF 2018: Growing rail intermodal market share

Railroad intermodal growth rates appear to have plateaued, and the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate has changed some dynamics in the motor carrier market. Does this mean most low-hanging fruit has already been converted to rail, or can the railroads take advantage of the ELD disruption and capture additional market share?


Are You Ready for 2024?

Rail Equipment Finance 2024: Does anyone remember the saying “In Like a Lion—Out Like a Lamb”? Intermodal loadings ended 2023 on a strong note and started out 2024 positive as well. The

David Nahass, Railway Age Financial Editor

Rail Equipment Finance 2023 Key Takeaways

FINANCIAL EDGE, RAILWAY AGE APRIL 2023 ISSUE: In its 37th iteration, Tony Kruglinski’s Rail Equipment Finance Conference (REF) once again took place at the oasis in the desert: The LaQuinta Resort and

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Railway Age Strengthens Editorial Team

Three railroad industry veterans—Robert H. Cantwell, Michael Iden and Ron Sucik—have joined Railway Age as Contributing Editors, adding to the publication’s deep well of knowledge and experience. Principal of Rail Supply Chain


REF 2023: The Intermodal Environment

RAIL EQUIPMENT FINANCE 2023: Last October, the Wall Street Journal declared the ship backlog at the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach (POLALB) to be over, providing three reasons: When traffic bogged down


Report From MARS 2023

The Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) held its 259th meeting recently at the Westin Hotel in Lombard, Ill., with a record attendance of more than 900. Chicago is the center of the North American rail universe and the perfect place to gather a diverse group representing all facets of the rail and shipping industries.


REF 2022: High-Fives, Hugs and Handshakes!

FINANCIAL EDGE, RAILWAY AGE APRIL 2022 ISSUE: After a 2020 Rail Equipment Finance Conference that more or less shut off the lights heading into the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 Rail Equipment Finance Conference set a tone for normalcy in a rail market finding its footing heading into an uncertain future. The 330 attendees at the REF 2022 conference were treated to a full roster of 37 speakers over two and a half days.

Rail Freight: What’s in the Crystal Ball?

This column is focused on the U.S. rail freight economy, starting with the near term, 2022 into 2023, followed by an overview toward 2030. Near the beginning of the year this outlook task may be a fool’s errand.


‘Maybe So Sir, But Not Today’

I spent about a half-decade of my railway career working with several intermodal freight logistics luminaries: Marvin Manheim of Northwestern University’s Transportation Center, Penn State Professor of Logistics Kant Rao and Bryan Stone of Intercontainer, with contributions from Rick Hill and Dick Andino, pioneers of ship-to-rail intermodal at APL. These folks and others helped shape my view of moving containers along complex links and nodes among different modes and terminals.


Is There Room For Optimism in 2020?

INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY JOURNAL, JANUARY 2020 ISSUE: A stagnant North America freight market is set to continue in 2020. However, technological advances and potential growth in intermodal and heavy-haul offer Class I railroads room for optimism.


REF 2019 roundup

If you missed this year’s Rail Equipment Finance Conference held in La Quinta, Calif., you may have missed the best rail equipment and finance program ever assembled in one location. Never fear, here is the “Financial Edge” annual summary of key takeaways from the speakers gracing the podium at REF 2019.