KCS expands CloudMoyo to U.S.

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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Kansas City Southern announced on March 26 that it will expand the deployment of the CloudMoyo Crew Management tool (CCM) currently used in Mexico on KCSM to its U.S. operations.

A Cloud-based crew management system, CCM automates tasks and provides real-time data “to more effectively manage business,” KCS said. It automates train crew supply and demand matching based upon a variety of factors including employee qualifications, hours of service constraints, employee availability and seniority, and crew work notification processes, and calculates payroll activities.

KCS said CCM aims to “help us meet current and future requirements, and bypass lengthy deployment schedules. The global CCM will be integrated with other enterprise applications.”

“KCS is already recognized as an innovative and customer-focused leader in the rail and transportation industry,” said CloudMoyo President and CEO Manish Kedia. “The CIO100 award won by KCS in August 2018 for the CCM-Mexico Crew Call solution was a great validation of the value created through innovation. We are now thrilled to see the expanding footprint of our next-generation CCM solution across multiple locations and countries served by KCS.”

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