Transport Canada: C$12.5MM to Improve Freight Transport at the Port of Windsor

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra

Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra

Transport Canada on May 26 announced an investment from the National Trade Corridors Fund of up to C$12.5 million to the Essex Terminal Railway Company for a Cargo Terminal Infrastructure Expansion project at the Port of Windsor.

According to Transport Canada, the project, which includes building a new warehouse and expanding the shorewall at the Port of Windsor, aims to “shift the transportation of goods from trucks to trains and ships, which will reduce pollution and congestion along the Highway 401 corridor.” This, Transport Canada adds, will make it easier to move steel and aluminum products and attract potential new exports. Additionally, these improvements will prevent shoreline erosion and reduce the risk of flooding due to rising lake water levels caused by climate change. It will also enable the possibility of building a new cargo dock in the future that can be used for different purposes, Transport Canada adds.

“The Government of Canada continues to invest to make the country’s supply chain stronger, to boost economic growth and to create more opportunities for our businesses to grow internationally,” Transport Canada said. “This represents another long-term commitment to work with stakeholders on important infrastructure projects to address transportation bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and congestion along Canada’s trade corridors.”

“Efficient and reliable transportation is crucial for affordable living and economic growth,” said Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra. “This National Trade Corridors Fund investment will help shift towards more environmentally friendly transportation methods, while reducing congestion and emissions. By supporting this project, we contribute to Canada’s economic progress, improve the environment, and make life more affordable for Canadians.”

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