SMART TD to Trump: “Provide the safe working environment”

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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The President of the International Association of Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Workers' (SMART TD) Transportation Division released Nov. 27 this open letter addressed to President-elect Trump:

“Dear President-elect Trump:

“On behalf of the 125,000 members of the Transportation Division of the International Association of Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART TD) I offer my congratulations on your election to the Presidency of the United States of America.

“SMART TD represents conductors, engineers, brakemen, switchmen and yardmasters on most of the freight and passenger railroads in in the United States. We also represent bus and transit workers from Los Angeles to upstate New York and airline pilots and flight attendants in the Midwest.

“Our members are professionals who operate and maintain freight and passenger trains, drive buses and fly planes. We have a high level of interest in a safe and efficient transportation system, one that provides good service to the American public and good jobs for our members.

“Safety is a paramount concern and we plan to work with you and your administration to ensure that regulatory oversight continues to provide the safe working environment that makes our transportation system the envy of the world.

“In addition, we wholeheartedly agree with your campaign proposals to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure and put Americans back to work again. We also share your concerns on the impact that unfavorable trade agreements and government policies have had on the well-being of the working men and women of America. As these issues come before the congress we hope to work with you to create new jobs and protect those that currently exist.

“I look forward to meeting with you and your administration at the earliest opportunity to help realize the vision of improvements for working people that you so clearly articulated in your campaign.”


John Previsich, President – Transportation Division








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