CSX m/w, guided by COMPASS™

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Protran Technology, a unit of Harsco Rail, has secured its first order from a U.S. Class I for its COMPASS™ railway asset location and awareness system.

CSX has ordered Protran’s COMPASS system for installation on 40 track maintenance machines, with expectations for follow-on orders as the railroad expands its deployment of the COMPASS system to additional units throughout its fleet.

COMPASS is Protran’s proprietary telematics system that enables railroad and other major fleet operators to achieve real-time asset awareness, productivity analysis and maintenance tracking across an entire range of vehicles, regardless of their operating location. Using a combination of cellular or satellite communications, the system’s automated software platform uploads data to a single location, providing graphical analysis of each machine’s activity together with automatic daily alerts for required maintenance, onboard system faults and real-time equipment diagnostics.

“With decreased maintenance and increased productivity from each asset, COMPASS is able to drive information direct to our customers’ bottom lines,” said Jim Resio, Harsco Rail’s Director of Protran Technology.

Harsco Rail acquired Protran Technology in 2015 “as an advanced technology complement to its track maintenance equipment and services business,” the company said. “Protran’s intelligent solutions for asset management and railway worker safety enable railways to protect railway personnel from potential collisions and other hazardous situations while also improving the utilization and maintenance planning of operating equipment. Protran’s voltage awareness units provide audible and visual safety warnings during testing of third-rail and overhead catenary systems.”




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