CP welcomes cab monitoring technology

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Canadian Pacific has reviewed the Canadian Transportation Safety Board’s report on the collision between two CP freight trains near Dunmore, Alberta in May, 2013 and says it “is fully supportive of the TSB’s conclusion with respect to cab monitoring technology. CP applauds the TSB’s call for the implementation of cab monitoring technology both for post-accident analysis and its use during in-train operations to prevent accidents.”

Immediately following the collision, CP said it “took the appropriate actions” to address its primary cause.

“The technology has proven effective in analyzing the cause of railroad accidents, but its true value is in preventing incidents in the first place,” said Keith Creel, CP President and Chief Operating Officer. “We reiterate our call for the correct implementation of this tool, which has lowered the frequency of collisions by almost half in similar industries.”

After U.S. transit agencies implemented monitoring technology, the National Transit Database reported a 40% reduction in collisions per million miles traveled, a 30% reduction in passenger injuries, a 30% to 50% percent reduction in unsafe driving events, and a reduction in collision severity.

In its report, the TSB acknowledged that the Canadian Transportation and Safety Board Act “is a barrier to the implementation of this technology in Canada.”

“When this technology can be implemented elsewhere and lead to such remarkable improvements in public safety, the key question is, why it wouldn’t it be put to use in locomotives as well?” Creel added. “Safety is the highest priority at CP, where the top causes of safety failures are studied and understood, and the company’s robust safety culture drives a constant systemwide evaluation of application of best practices.”

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