City of Montreal and CN focus on safety

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Honourable Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal, joined Sean Finn, Executive Vice­-President, Corporate Services and Chief Legal Officer at CN, in announcing the areas of safety that the City of Montreal and CN will continue to focus on together.

Mayor Coderre began by pointing out that “CN is a great economic partner of the City of Montreal with some 2,000 employees in its Montreal headquarters building alone. Its North American network is also a key enabler for our businesses. Our partnership on safety announced today shows great collaboration between CN and local authorities.”

Sean Finn also emphasized the strategic nature of the partnership between CN and the City of Montreal: “We are very proud to be headquartered in Montreal and work with our logistics chain partners, including the Port of Montreal, to enhance the economic vitality of the city and the region. Montreal is more united and driven than it has been in a long time, and that’s mostly due to Mayor Coderre’s efforts to reach out to all stakeholders.”

Mayor Coderre also invited municipalities in Quebec to use a new important tool: “CN and the railroad industry developed ways to improve communications with cities. The AskRail mobile application gives emergency first responders access to information they need in the event of an incident.”

The Montreal police department and CN Police are also taking steps to improve rail safety around railroad crossings. “Montreal police and CN Police will work closely to prevent accidents and make sure everyone stays safe,” said Finn. What’s more, CN and the City of Montreal will join efforts to better protect the rail network against malicious acts.

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