The Rail Equipment Leasing Market – David Nahass Hosts Chicago Freight Car Leasing, CIT and RESIDCO: Rail Group On Air Podcast

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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How deep is the current downturn in the operating lease market? Will there be fundamental changes in the lease market related to the mix of softening demand, PSR and modal change that will have a permanent impact on railcar demand? For how long can we expect the market disruption to occur? What, if anything, scares lessors about the future of railcar leasing? Railcar leasing has always been a relationship-centric business. Do lessors see any changes in the way companies address their future railcar needs? Railroad Financial Corp. President and Railway Age Financial Editor David Nahass (Financial Edge, Guide to Equipment Leasing, Railroad Financial Desk Book and the Rail Equipment Finance conference) asks three experts: Paul Deasy President, Chicago Freight Car Leasing – A Sasser Family Company; Jeff Lytle, President – Rail, CIT; and Greg Schmid, Managing Director – Rail, RESIDCO.

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