PSR, The Next Generation, Part 3: Rail Group On Air Podcast

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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In Part 3, the conclusion of our series on “PSR 2.0,” Sonia Bot and John Orr discuss their systematic and modern approach for delivering value while taking Precision Scheduled Railroading to the next logical steps in its evolution: Precision Scheduled Transportation, pushing the envelope now and in the future toward a major shift in thinking and delivering an integrated transportation system. “When you share objectives, your overall value increases; taking a shared systematic approach for implementing PSR 2.0 ensures low risk, high gain and least cost. Start with the end state in mind, in this case, the future vision of PSR 2.0. Then assess the current state to establish the starting position. In well-defined value-added iterations, the journey to the future vision progresses. It’s an iterative journey, with new discoveries or entry of new forces that could not have been predicted. Knowing when to pivot—and having the organizational capability to do so—are key, as progression on the familiar, comfortable path is self-limiting and counterproductive. Each railroad and ecosystem partner must follow this progression according to their respective timing and pace of adoption.”

Sonia D. Bot, chief executive of The BOT Consulting Group Inc., has worked at the forefront of technology, media, and telecommunications companies worldwide, and was instrumental in PTC implementation on CN’s U.S. lines. John F. Orr, a top-level operations executive for railroading and transportation ecosystems, is a fourth-generation railroader who rose through the ranks and became CN’s Chief Transportation Officer. With E. Hunter Harrison and his successors, Orr delivered PSR operations, and continues the mission today throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Podcast transcript available here.

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