CRISI: What’s In It For Commuter Rail? RAIL GROUP ON AIR

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Federal funding is available for rail improvement and expansion projects through the CRISI (Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements)Program, a $1.43 billion FRA-administered initiative for capital projects that will improve passenger and freight rail transportation systems in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. CRISI grants, however, are not directly available to commuter railroads, as “passenger” rail only includes intercity services like Amtrak.

The Commuter Rail Coalition is working to correct this. In the meantime, how can commuter railroads leverage CRISI funding? Is there a “back door” way, if the “front door” is closed? CRC Government Relations Director John Cline and CEO KellyAnne Gallagher discuss the opportunities with Railway Age Editor-In-Chief William C. Vantuono.

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