Transit Briefs: Miami Metromover; Santa Clara VTA; TRE

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor

L.K. Comstock National Transit will work with Alstom on a four-year project to upgrade the Miami Metromover. In addition, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) will hire a consultant to help “transform the workplace environment”; and Dallas’ Trinity Railway Express (TRE) turns 25 on Dec. 30.

As part of the Metromover Automated People Mover (APM) system’s rehabilitation, L.K. Comstock National Transit, a RailWorks company, is working with prime contractor Alstom to refurbish 25 guideway switch machines; install new blue light stations and access control at platform gates; replace train signals; and install new Automatic Train Control (ATC) equipment at 21 ATC rooms and new cabling for ATC and fiber optic communications.

The Miami-Dade Metromover launched in 1986, and was the first urban application of Westinghouse Automated People Mover technology, which is now part of Alstom’s product portfolio. It operates on a 4.4-mile dual-lane guideway and includes 3 loops, 21 stations and 29 APM vehicles.  

“The project will be a collaborative effort, combining the best-in-class Automated People Mover Technology including the state-of-the-art Communications-Based Train Control system from Alstom with the outstanding transit systems installation services of L.K. Comstock,” L.K. Comstock National Transit President Bill Heavin said. “This upgrade project will ensure efficient operations and a smooth passenger experience for Miami-Dade County for years to come.”

Over the next four years, Alstom will also update the Data Transmission System with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; Power Distribution System elements (e.g., low voltage breakers, protective relays, ground switches); guideway switch equipment; and Central Control equipment.

The Santa Clara VTA has released a Request for Proposals to hire a consultant “to aid the agency in making significant and meaningful changes in the organizational culture and climate,” it reported on Dec. 23. 

VTA said that since the May 26 shooting at its Guadalupe yard, which resulted in 10 fatalities and multiple injuries, “employee feedback alluded to the need to review structural issues not directly connected to the shooting but said to affect the experience of working at VTA.

“A $20 million state funding initiative, spearheaded by California State Senator Dave Cortese (D-15), led to the creation of a union-management partnership tasked with a collaborative approach to decide how the funds should be used. The funding provides VTA the opportunity to make sustainable, structural changes that will improve the internal support system for VTA employees and enhance the work environment to enable all VTA employees to feel respected, safe and confident to do their jobs providing essential public transit service to the residents of Santa Clara County.”

The proposal submission deadline is Jan. 31, 2022.

Trinity Railway Express on Dec. 30 will celebrate 25 years of providing regional/commuter rail service between Dallas and Fort Worth. Operated by Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Trinity Metro, the railroad employs locomotive-hauled bi-level coaches.

TRE debuted in 1996 as a 10-mile line linking downtown Dallas’ Union Station, the Medical/Market Center Station, and the South Irving Transit Center. More than 4,000 people rode the train on its first day of operation. On Sept. 16, 2000, service extended west to four new stations at West Irving, CentrePort, Hurst/Bell and Richland Hills. On Dec. 3, 2001, service extended to the Intermodal Transit Center and T&P stations in downtown Fort Worth. This completed the rail connection between Dallas and Fort Worth.

As part of TRE’s birthday celebration, riders have a chance to win 25 days of free rides by sharing their fondest TRE memories. Entries will be accepted through Jan. 2, 2022 on its website.

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