OneRail Survey: Americans Support Passenger Rail, Public Transit

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
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Results of recent passenger and freight rail surveys demonstrate the need for federal policies and programs that promote a shift to rail, according to the OneRail Coalition.

A new survey conducted by ENGINE INSIGHTS on OneRail’s behalf finds that Americans continue to show “strong support” for rail travel. Of the 1,000 adults polled online from August 28-30:

• 75% agree that more trips should be shifted to passenger rail and public transit to address the impacts of transportation on climate change.

• A majority view public transit and passenger rail favorably (64% and 65%, respectively) after the pandemic—a rise from pre-pandemic levels for public transit (58%) and passenger rail (59%).

• Nearly half think more should be invested in public transit (47%) and passenger rail (46%).

• 81% support Congress providing more funding to address highway/rail grade crossing safety after learning that government statistics show that about 95% of all rail-related deaths involve drivers going through a crossing or a person on the tracks.

Another recent poll, conducted on behalf of the Association of American Railroads, showed similar strong support for moving goods by rail and the importance of freight rail in reducing the transportation sector’s impact on climate change.

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