Midwest Industrial Supply Launches Rail Anti-Icing Systems

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
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Canton, Ohio-based Midwest Industrial Supply has introduced a seasonal rail switch ice prevention system and a third-rail anti-icing and de-icing system to help railroads prepare for winter.

Both systems are “proven effective for temperatures below 0° F down to as low as -70° F,” according to Midwest. The rail switch ice prevention system includes the Ice Free Switch® anti-icing agent and Power Treator® custom applicator, as well as track and switch brooms. The third rail anti-icing and deicing system includes the Zero Gravity Third Rail® anti-icing agent and Ice-Slicer® spray system. The company also offers Enviro-Mlt™, a liquid ice melter.

“Winter is the most challenging season for railway operation,” said Eric Vantiegham, Midwest’s assistant director, specialty products. “Trains become disabled, schedules get delayed, people and loads get stranded, and crews are overstressed. Midwest’s rail anti-icing systems are a proactive way to avoid these issues.”

Railway Age’s “Cold Comfort” report offers more information on avoiding frozen equipment, malfunctioning cars, service delays or even suspended operations this winter.

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