TriMet taps Siemens for $80M mid-life overhaul

Written by Andrew Corselli
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Portland: A MAX light rail train composed of two Type 2 cars eastbound on the east deck of the Steel Bridge in June 2015. Photo by Steve Morgan.

Siemens Mobility recently announced that it has won a mid-life overhaul service contract worth $80 million—with options for up to $25 million more—for TriMet’s Type-2 and Type-3 Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) fleet.

Siemens noted that, through the overhaul, TriMet will be able to maintain a State of Good Repair for the fleet—which is made up of 79 Siemens SD660 LRVs—and retain its fleet safety, performance and passenger comfort standards throughout vehicle life.

Two pilot LRVs will be overhauled at the Siemens Mobility West Coast Rail Services Hub, located in greater Sacramento, Calif. The remaining overhauls will then take place at a newly opened Siemens Mobility Rail Services facility in Clackamas, Ore. The work will ramp up in Clackamas next year and is expected to provide a backlog of work through 2025. This facility is expected to hire more than 15 employees over the course of the overhaul project, Siemens announced.

The LRVs are among 119 Siemens Mobility Light Rail Vehicles that are currently in use by TriMet, a relationship that began in 1995.

“This group of vehicles have been in service since the mid to late ‘90s, and they’re still running strong,” said Michael Tyler, Head of Siemens Mobility Rail Services in North America. “This mid-life overhaul not only provides the fleet with a face-lift, but adds current technology and functionality in order to improve the customer experience. We built these vehicles in Sacramento and we know the cars better than any other company. Having the mid-life overhaul performed by the original manufacturer will provide the highest level of consistency and serviceability for the operator and its passengers.”

“Midlife overhauls of LRVs such as this are an industry standard and vital as TriMet works diligently to provide world-class transit service that our customers can enjoy and rely on,” said TriMet GM Doug Kelsey. “We look forward to renewing these vehicles so they can continue to provide reliable and on-time service for riders throughout our growing light rail system for decades to come.”

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