Siemens, Brookville split Phoenix order

Written by Maggie Lancaster, Associate Editor, RT&S
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The Valley Metro Rail Board has authorized the purchase of rail fleet from two manufacturers to support future growth and service expansion.

Valley Metro awarded contracts to two manufacturers. Siemens Industry will receive a contract estimated at $57.9 million for the manufacture of 11 S70 light rail vehicles (LRVs) over a seven-year period. Brookville Equipment will receive a contract estimated at $33 million for manufacture of six off-wire capable, battery propulsion streetcar vehicles over a three-year period.

Fleet is needed for anticipated growth in future ridership along the current 26-mile line, as well as expansion of service with the opening of the Gilbert Road Extension in 2019 and several extensions anticipated to open through 2026. Streetcar is scheduled to begin service in 2020.

With the planned expansion of the regional light rail system over the next 20 years, Valley Metro will be expanding the Operations and Maintenance Center to support the additional light rail vehicles and new streetcar fleet. Expansion will also include new storage tracks for light rail vehicles and build out of additional shop and storage facilities.

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