Santa Ana next in line for LRT?

Written by Douglas John Bowen

Expanding light rail transit reach in the Los Angeles basin could next include a 20-mile LRT line from LA's Union Station to downtown Santa Ana, in Orange County, Calif.

The proposal, discussed on various California-based websites throughout the year, would re-establish LRT in part on the West Santa Ana Branch of the Pacific Electric route. The Southern California Association of Governments is overseeing the evaluation of the proposed two-county.

At present, LRT appears to be the preferred mode being pondered, though throughout 2012 it was one of several being discussed, including busways and super-conducting maglev, based on R&D by Central Japan Railway Co.

Funding would come in part from Measure R money. Ridership estimates average about 80,000 riders per day, more than expected on LA’s Expo line after full build-out to Santa Monica. The estimated project cost is roughly $3 billion.