KC Streetcar Ridership, Satisfaction on the Rise

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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In 2019, total KC Streetcar ridership was 2,228,942—a 5.5% yearly increase. Photo via William Vantuono.

After more than three years of service, passengers are still riding the Kansas City Streetcar in record numbers.

In 2019, total KC Streetcar ridership was 2,228,942—a 5.5% yearly increase. Since opening day, KC Streetcar has had more than 7.8 million passenger trips, with an average daily ridership of 6,107.

In addition, in Sept. 2019, the KC Streetcar Authority conducted a customer satisfaction survey to collect and analyze user opinions regarding all aspects of service. The top three most-important categories to streetcar riders surveyed were the reliability of service, ease of use and streetcars running on schedule. Among the 13 service-related items rated by streetcar riders, 11 received satisfaction ratings over 90%. The highest-rated service items were ease of use, reliability of service and condition of stations. The results of the customer satisfaction survey showed that rider satisfaction levels were strong in multiple categories:

  • 96% satisfaction on reliability of service.
  • 98% satisfaction on ease of use.
  • 95% satisfaction on personal safety while riding.
  • 95% satisfaction on professionalism and friendliness of staff.
  • 95% satisfaction on cleanliness of stations and vehicles.

Riders were also asked about how they receive streetcar service-related information. Eighty-eight percent of respondents were satisfied with how they receive information about service delays, with most respondents stating that they use the real-time arrival signs (44%) or kiosks at the streetcar stops (32%) for schedule and delay information.  Text notification and social media were other methods respondents use to receive information.

“After three years of operation and record ridership, the KC Streetcar has solidified its role as an important connector for downtown Kansas City and point of pride for residents from around our region,” said Tom Gerend, Executive Director, Kansas City Streetcar Authority.

“The most important thing we do is providing a safe and reliable transit option for downtown Kansas City,” Gerend said. “These customer satisfaction results are best-in-class in the industry and more importantly reinforce our team’s commitment to providing the best service and experience we possibly can for our riding public.”

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