Calgary Transit unveils new Siemens S200 LRV

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
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Calgary Transit (CT) unveiled its new S200 LRV on Jan. 15, 2016 at the Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility. The high floor vehicles are being designed and manufactured by Siemens at its Sacramento, Calif. plant and include new features that allow for full accessibility, increased energy efficiency, new passenger comfort and safety features, improved operator and maintenance systems, and specific adaptations for the Calgary climate.

The new vehicles, dubbed The Mask, were designed based on direct input from the riding public and CT. Calgarians were asked to help choose the design of the front of CT’s new cars by voting on three options: The Bow, inspired by the Bow River; The Buffalo, inspired by the buffalo; and The Mask, inspired by a hockey goalie mask. The winning design of The Mask represents individuality, reliability, style and protection, a fitting design to represent Calgary, CT says.

“It’s not just about timelines and budget but whether a project can be delivered in a way that both parties are happy with the outcome,” said Russell Davies, Transit Fleet Manager, Calgary Transit. “Siemens appreciated the importance of our project and what it means to the city if Calgary was a major factor in the success of the S200 project.”

“Siemens has provided Calgary with its entire light rail fleet of vehicles since 1981 and we’re excited to look toward the future with the introduction of the new S200 light rail vehicle,” says Patrick O’Neill, Vice President Mobility, Siemens Canada. “Calgary Transit runs one of North America’s largest light rail systems and we’re honored to collaborate with them to provide Calgarians with the latest technologies that will improve the riders’ experience, operation and maintenance, and overall mobility in and around Calgary.”

Siemens has designed the LRVs to withstand the challenging Calgary environment by including thermal insulated walls, triple-pane windows with low solar transmittance, electric floor heating and forced air heating and cooling system, providing a comfortable passenger environment in all weather conditions. The vehicles, Siemens says, are fitted with the most advanced corrosion protection coatings available in the industry to protect them from the elements.

The new LRVs feature various systems that will help improve reliability including back-up power systems and improved communication and diagnostics systems between the driver and the maintenance shop to resolve issues promptly. The vehicles were also designed with passenger comfort and safety in mind and now include slip-resistant flooring, on-board security systems, GPS mapping displays and larger windows and doors to increase natural light and provide visual security.

The S200 vehicles are fully compliant with the City of Calgary’s Access Design Standards, providing barrier-free access at all vehicle doors, making them easily accessible for passengers with disabilities and those pushing strollers or transporting bicycles or bulky objects.

To improve operation and maintenance, the new vehicles offer a larger, redesigned operator cab and a larger, heated windshield and side windows with a nearly 360- degree view. Diagnostic data is now transmitted automatically and wirelessly to wayside operations, allowing the source of any issues to be detected and resolved quickly.

Siemens will be delivering a total of 63 vehicles by early 2017 for the CT LRT as part of a contract announced in September 2013. CT expects the new vehicles to begin operation this spring.

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