Avelia Liberty look revealed

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Amtrak’s Avelia Liberty, the Alstom-built integrated high-speed trainset that will replace the equipment currently used to provide Amtrak’s premium Acela Express service on the Northeast Corridor, will be significantly different in design and livery that its predecessor. The trainset sports four exterior colors: white and blue, with red accents and gray power car noses.

Amtrak revealed the new livery on Oct. 6, noting that the “next-generation trainsets will provide 40% more trainsets (28), one-third more passenger seats with the same personal space and high-end comfort, more service, better amenities and a smoother ride.”

The Avelia Liberty is based on Alstom’s TGV, versions of which have been in service around the world for more than 35 years. Alstom’s North American version, like the Acela Express, will be a tilting trainset with power cars at each end, but unlike the aptly-nicknamed “Fast Pig” will be articulated.

A prototype is expected to be ready in 2019, with the first trainset entering revenue service in 2021. All of the trainsets are expected to be in service, and the current fleet retired, by year-end 2022.

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