Amtrak sets another ridership record

Written by Daniel Clark

Amtrak set an all-time record for the most passengers in one month—2.9 million—for the month of July 2013, a 4.8% year-over-year increase.

Northeast Corridor services, state-supported and other short-distance routes, and long-distance trains all showed gains for July. State-supported routes continue to lead the way in ridership growth. Under federal law, beginning Oct. 1, 2013, 19 states will take greater control of routes of fewer than 750 miles, but first must reach new operating and capital cost-sharing agreements with Amtrak to ensure the corridor services continue to operate beyond the deadline. Currently, Amtrak has agreements with three states.

Thus far in Fiscal Year 2013 (October 2012-July 2013), Amtrak ridership is up 1.1% vs. the prior year, “with strong ticket sales forecasted for the final two months of the fiscal year,” Amtrak said. “In addition, Amtrak set individual monthly records in October, December, January, March, May, June, and July. We are on pace to meet or exceed last year’s annual ridership record of 31.2 million passengers.”

“Record numbers of passengers continue to choose Amtrak for their travel needs, making July the best single ridership month ever in our history,” said President and CEO Joe Boardman. “Amtrak is delivering record ridership across the country and serving as an economic engine to help local communities grow and prosper. Amtrak is a vital part of the national transportation network and provides mobility, connectivity, economic development, and jobs. Since 2010, for every dollar of federal investment, America’s Railroad® has returned nearly $3 back into the economy.”