Cubic Reveals Public Transit Loyalty Program

Written by Andrew Corselli

Cubic Corporation’s Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division launched Cubic Interactive, a loyalty rewards platform that enables transit agencies and authorities to incentivize travel on public transportation.

The Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW)’s new mobile app, GO Miami-Dade Transit, encompasses features such as tracking, trip planning, mobile passes and a rewards program. One of the new features of the rewards program is that travelers using public transportation can engage with advertising content, earning them loyalty points they can redeem for Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) value.

Travelers will earn “Stars”—a proprietary digital loyalty currency, owned and operated by Cubic—when they view or interact with ads on the app, or when they use loyalty-based transit service provided by MDT. Collected stars can then be turned into transit value and used to subsidize or pay for transit rides or redeem for various in-app offers.

Cubic Interactive “allows transit agencies to build custom loyalty programs that reside within their existing mobile transit apps, or future app innovations, to help shift peak transit patterns, ease the pressure on the transit network and promote smarter and healthier mobility choices. Miami-Dade Transit is the first agency to implement Cubic’s full end-to-end solution.”

Cubic Interactive as a platform plans to continue to roll out enhancements and add new capabilities such as card-linked offers, targeted and contextual content delivery to individual transit riders, and enhanced loyalty offerings. The plan also includes digital advertising on gates and ticket vending machines as capabilities for customers to leverage.

“We are excited to be the first transit agency to adopt this loyalty-based interactive service that rewards riders,” said Alice N. Bravo, P.E., Director of Transportation and Public Works for Miami-Dade County. “The program is a great way to incentivize our current riders, invite new ones to give transit a try. It provides the building blocks that will help us increase the use of transit to reduce congestion.”

“Cubic Interactive offers unique benefits for not only advertisers, but also transit agencies and travelers all over the world,” said Laurent Eskenazi, interim President of Cubic Transportation Systems. “We are able to not only offer travelers incentives to travel in ways that reduce congestion and streamline commutes, while providing new revenue streams for transit agencies, but also advertisers with the opportunity to tap into a highly valuable and captive audience—something that hasn’t been done before in the public transportation space.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Miami-Dade to introduce Cubic Interactive to the public transit space,” said Robert Sprogis, Senior Product Director, Cubic Transportation Systems. “We are dedicated to reinventing the way people travel, and together we can positively impact traveler behavior to reduce congestion and promote mobility.”

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