Keolis Implements New Training Program

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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Keolis Rail Services Virginia has implemented an Individualized Training Program for its employees. The focus of the program is "to improve and sustain core knowledge of each train and engine for all mechanical employees, based upon their specific strengths and weaknesses as assessed by job performance records, weekly knowledge quizzes, annual tests, and both supervisor and employee evaluation input."

Every employee has an eight-hour customized instructional program developed annually with the inclusion of the necessary intercommunication between the instructor and employee. One-on-one training is also required for locomotive engineers, conductors, assistant conductors, dual-qualified employees (certified conductors and locomotive engineers combined), and mechanical personnel. It consists of specialized modules and exercises created by subject matter experts, which provide detailed instructions for those positions.

Self-evaluation assessments are given to each employee and provide the opportunity to rate their performance, suggest training needs and determine goals to achieve within the company. Additionally, managers are required to complete an assessment of all employees, and their evaluations are then reviewed together to establish a baseline for results. Those results are then forwarded to the training manager to determine the most pressing priorities that need to be addressed to further the advancement of the employee’s knowledge.

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