Is Your Metro-North Train Packed? Check Your Phone

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

By accessing the Train Time® app on their smartphones or viewing digital platform signs within five minutes of an arrival time, MTA Metro-North Railroad New Haven Line riders can see the amount of space available on each car of an approaching train.

The capacity tracking feature, designed to help customers find cars with the most available seats on a train before boarding, was launched on the electrified portions of Metro-North’s Harlem and Hudson Lines in November 2020. Rolled out by car fleet, it became available for trains composed of M7 EMU (electric multiple-unit) railcars. Work continues by Metro-North in-house staff to deploy the technology on non-electrified lines and older M3 EMUs. Customers who already have the app installed will receive an automatic update with the new feature.

Highlights of the Metro-North Train Time® app include:

  • New, refreshed interface with detailed results.
  • Real-time capacity tracking to enhance social distancing.
  • Real-time train location updated every three seconds.
  • Closed car notifications.
  • Ability to bookmark favorite trips.
  • Easier access to eTix.
  • Six available languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Yiddish, Portuguese and Italian.

Since its inception in 2013, the free Train Time® mobile app, which is available from Google Play and the AppStore, has provided real-time status and schedule information to customers via their smartphones, along with destination, track assignment and real-time position of the next 12 trains at a given station. Features also include service alerts, fare information, ADA accessibility, parking availability and connecting services.

“I am excited that many more Metro-North customers are now able to use this technology,” said Metro-North Railroad President Catherine Rinaldi“As riders continue to return to Metro-North, this makes it even easier to plan your ride. I want to thank all of the hardworking MTA employees for their work on this transformative project.”

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