Bombardier Sustainability Awards go to GE, SKF

Written by Douglas John Bowen

Bombardier Transportation has presented its Transportation Sustainability Awards to SKF Group and General Electric Co., "recognizing accomplishments in the field of sustainable development and emphasizing the strong strategic importance of a responsible supply chain as part of the company's objective to foster Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)."

Pierre Attendu, vice president Operations and chief procurement officer, Bombardier Transportation, and Christoph Schwarzler, CSR director, Bombardier Transportation, presented the awards during a suppliers’ day at the company’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

Bombardier honored SKF for its “excellence in integrating CSR in business principles and in management standards” and GE for “reporting transparency and credibility in the GE Citizenship Report.”

“Bombardier’s products contribute to a sustainable future in public transportation and our suppliers’ expertise plays a crucial role in designing and manufacturing advanced components for our trains,” said Attendu as he congratulated the winners. “By honoring our suppliers with this award, we not only highlight the importance of CSR to Bombardier and its stakeholders but also encourage suppliers to enhance their CSR performance through friendly competition.”

SKF Group (Svenska Kullagerfabriken AB) is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden; General Electric Co. is based in Fairfield, Conn.

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