Amtrak plans new Seattle locomotive center

Written by Railway Age Staff

Amtrak will build a $28-million locomotive service facility in Seattle.

The U.S. passenger rail corporation said the project is its third major investment in the Seattle facility that provides services for the long-distance Empire Builder and Coast Starlight; Amtrak Cascades state-supported corridor service, and maintenance for Sound Transit Sounder commuter trains.

The project, to be managed by PCL Construction Services, will include demolition of the site’s existing buildings, utilities, tracks, and other structures, as well as construction of a new 31,000-square-foot locomotive shop. Existing yard tracks will be reconfigured to provide access to the new facility, which will be equipped with a 55-ton crane and a new 125-ton drop table, the latter funded by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

The project kicks off this month and is scheduled for completion in June 2019 by.

PCL has also built other Seattle Amtrak structures, including a Maintenance of Equipment Facility, warehouse, administrative, and Health and Welfare building.




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