“A Better Choice”: Bytemark Introduces Plan, Book & Pay Platform

Written by Andrew Corselli
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Bytemark, a Siemens company, has introduced Bytemark Bridge, what it deems “a better choice for transit agencies eager to strengthen connections with their riders.”

Bytemark Bridge is a Plan, Book & Pay platform consisting of six configurable mobility suites, aiming to give agencies MaaS abilities “that go beyond mobile ticketing. Services can be configured and combined based on what agencies want to offer their riders.”

Bytemark Bridge comprises tools for travel planning, parking management, fare payments and more. With open APIs and a universal validation service, Bytemark Bridge also integrates with existing hardware. And an agency can implement one suite or many. The end goal of each is the same: To help agencies make the transit experience more enjoyable and more convenient for riders.

Other suites in Bytemark Bridge include:

• Bytemark Connect: The account-based fare collection suite is an extension of the company’s current account-based ticketing suite. This suite features a transit card management system for both virtual and physical cards. Validation is done via Bytemark’s universal validation API. The suite centers on account-based tokens, represented by either a barcode or smartcard, and validated via an electronic validator or handheld inspection app. Additionally, in partnership with Advanced Mobile Payment, Inc., Bytemark supports open loop fare payments, providing a contactless EMV point-of-sale solution for UP Express in Toronto.

• Bytemark Transact: The Payments as a Service suite includes gateway services, fraud detection and stored value wallets. Available payment methods include credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. Cash payments are supported via both retail partnerships and the platform’s administration portal. Bytemark will support the Smart Columbus initiative by providing its common payment system, which will allow riders to make a single payment for a multi-modal trip.

• Bytemark Navigate: The trip planning and traveler relationships suite is anchored by HaCon’s MIT-awarded Trip Planner and intermodal Travel Companion, which includes door-to-door-routing, all modes of transportation and real-time information, and the Traveler Relationship Manager from Siemens Mobility, featuring targeted rider communications and offers.

• Bytemark Spaces: The parking suite supports park-and-ride lots. It includes the ability to purchase parking tickets and associate them with a license plate. Features supported by Siemens include parking lot management as well as reservations and capacity planning tools.

• Bytemark Envoy: The demand-responsive transport suite is powered by Bytemark’s partner, Padam Mobility. The offering includes user applications, driver applications, a management interface and optimization algorithms. Demand-responsive transport can supplement regular lines and be beneficial for first- and last-mile connections, off-peak hours or paratransit.

Bytemark, founded in 2011, mobility suites include products powered by Siemens and partners HaCon and Padam Mobility, both Siemens companies.

“Bytemark Bridge makes life simpler for the agencies we serve,” says Bytemark CEO Eric Reese. “One of our goals is to upgrade the experience of transit agencies’ riders. Bytemark Bridge will have an immediate, positive impact on everything from creating first- and last-mile connections to payment methods.”

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