Wi-Tronix forms customer strategy team

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor

Wi-Tronix, LLC announced on Feb. 4, 2016 the formation of a new Customer Strategy department with Customer Care Manager roles. The team is being deployed in response to continued growth of Wi-Tronix’s customer base and to further engage and assist customers, the company says.

Chad Jasmin, formerly the company’s Director of Sales, will lead the team as the Vice President of Customer Strategy. He explains that the role of this new department is to care for the customer’s entire Wi-Tronix experience, from first inquiry onward.

“Every one of our customers is unique and constantly evolving,” says Jasmin. “By understanding each customer’s business needs from the onset of the relationship, we can work with them to get the most from their Wi-Tronix solution.”

Jasmin continued, “The key is to maintain and grow that relationship so the customer realizes new benefits year after year. The Customer Strategy team is uniquely qualified to do that.”

The team has added additional strengths to its traditional sales and marketing functions. Technical engineers within the team better support customer understanding and utilization of the product. This is especially important for new customers during the onboarding process. Customer Care Managers (CCMs) develop the relationship throughout the customers’ use of the solution.

The company believes the CCMs offer a proactive approach to assist customers in using their data and translating it into valuable, actionable information. This new customer experience gives each customer a single point person who is acutely aware of their business needs.

CCMs will find new ways for customers to leverage business information to further advance the railroads’ annual strategies. The Wi-Tronix solution provides the railroads data and information that assists with transparency and engagement for the railroads’ shipping customers. This data also allows railroads to achieve business value from their deployed on-board systems such as Positive Train Control (PTC).

“We want people to think of Customer Care Managers as a personal advisor who knows you, knows your business, and is connected to your customer strategies,” says Jasmin. “It’s their job to understand your business needs and find solutions to make your operations better. It’s really about engaging and developing that relationship.”

Wi-Tronix believes that this new approach will allow untapped synergies between customers. Executive Vice President Mike Heilmann comments, “Deploying this new customer strategy helps us get back to our roots of innovating with our customers. Innovation comes from good two-way communication resulting in better solutions, bringing greater value to our customers.”

Jasmin and the Customer Strategy department assumed their new roles and responsibilities effective Jan. 1, 2016.

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