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Walder, new MTA chief, promises management shakeup

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Jay Walder, confirmed by the New York State Senate Thursday as the new chairman and CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, has vowed to initiate change within the organization, starting with its management structure.

jay-walder-nymta.jpg"It’s my intention to form a management team, and bring new people into the MTA with a broad range of experience and success in different parts of the world," Walder said, addressing a state Senate committee. "It’s a fair expectation to say the MTA will be moving forward with a new team."

Walder previously was a management consultant based in London, as well as serving a previous stint with MTA and with Transport for London. He did not specify specific personnel changes to be made within MTA, however.

Walder replaces Dale Hemmerdinger as board chairman and also will be the MTA’s top chief executive, as the two positions were merged earlier this year. He follows former MTA CEO Elliot Sander, who resigned last May under pressure from Gov. David Paterson in May. Many of Sander’s management staff still remain at MTA.


In terms of technology, Walder said he wants to make the transit system "more inviting" with improvements like electronic message boards at bus stops and on subway platforms telling riders when the next bus or train will arrive. MTA New York City Transit currently employs such technology on its L subway line, the first line also to be equipped with communications-based train control (CBTC).