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Trio of streetcars finally bound for nation’s capital

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Washington, D.C. may finally see its three Czech-built Inekon streetcars within the district’s borders, four years after it ordered the cars for intended use on its Anacostia streetcar line, now finally entering initial stages of construction in the district’s southeastern quadrant.

The District Department of Transportation had kept the equipment stored in the Czech Republic because, it said, it had no maintenance depot for them. DDOT said the cars will bemoved via truck from the Czech Republic to a cargo ship in Hamburg, Germany. Arrival in the United States is expected by mid-December.

DDOT spokesman John Lisle says the city will store the vehicles at a yard at the Greenbelt Metro station, to be maintainedby Washington Metro, which will be reimbursed by DDOT. "Having them local will also allow us to familiarize ourselves with the cars," Lisle said.