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Train crew employment up 1.07% in month

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

U.S. Class I railroads employed 57,198 transportation (train and engine) workers in mid-October, an increase of 1.07% from September, though still 15.27% below October 2008 numbers. The month-to-month increase in train crew workers was one of the few bright spot in new employment figures released Wednesday by the Surface Transportation Board.

Only one other employment group showed a month-to-month increase: professional and administrative numbers, totaling 13,614, were up 0.63% from September and 1.37% from October 2008.

Total Class I employment in October–149,020–was down 0.27% from September and 9.15% from October 2008.

Other employment categories posted the following declines compared with September 2009 and October 2009, respectively: executives, officials, and staff assistants (9,101), down 1.01% and 9.84%; maintenance of way and structures (34,622), down 1.36% and 3.96%; maintenance of equipment and stores (28,121), down 0.72% and 7.22%; transportation other than train and engine (6,364), down 2.32% and 4.06%.